Our co-owned property management company has been taking care of buildings, apartments and houses maintenance for over 15 years. Our main project is the Forum Royal building located in the heart of Luxembourg city, which we have been managing with great success for many years already.

Since we have a deep knowledge of the real estate industry, wether it's industrial property or housing, we can ensure that the owner's goals will be met. We also have an in-depth familiarity of national laws regarding the legal methods to screen tenants, handle security deposits, terminate leases, conduct evictions, and comply with property safety standards. Our main goal is to ensure the best quality service to every client. We are confident that you can rely on us if you need your property to be managed correctly!

Property Management

We help you with:

General Management

  • Maintenance of the common areas of a building
  • Providing security


  • General meeting once a year
  • Executing the decisions taken at the general meeting

Physical management of the property

That includes regular maintenance of the property and emergency repairs, such as for the heating, water pipes and electricity. 

Managing the budget for the building

Making sure the expenses for the management of the building are only reasonable and getting the best value for all the repairs and services provided.

Maintaining all important records

Keeping the books in order is the most important point in accounting- our property manager always makes sure of that.


Effective communication between the co-owner and the management company.


Rental Management

Setting the rent

We set the best market price for the rental of your property.

Collecting the rent

We always make sure that the rent is paid in full amount and on time.

Selectiong and screening of the tenants

We always check the profile of each client who wants to rent the property and make sure that they follow all the rules of the lease agreement.

Keeping all the records updated

Keeping the books in order is the most important part of accounting- our property manager always makes sure of this. ​


Price list




10% of the rent




8% of the rent




6% of the rent